BTK-FEST announces acceptance of applications for 2019!
The International festival "BTK-FEST: Contemporary puppet theatre" has been held in St. Petersburg since 2014 and managed to become one of the most important festival events in the field of modern visual theatre during this time. From year to year the Festival arouses a growing interest not only among the audience, but also among professionals from all over the world. Every BTK-Fest was a thematic, and program was formed, according to the task – show the most important phenomena of the world of visual theatre.
During this time in Festival took part Yael Rasooly, Matija Solce, Duda Paiva, theatres Hotel Modern, Plexus Polaire, Blind Summit, Compagnie Gare Centrale, theatre Ten' and other star's names. At 2015 BTK-Fest made a "Russian case", where chose the best performances of Russian puppetry to introduce foreign producers, specially invited to the Festival.

So, BTK-Fest turned five years. With growing of the Festival, its possibilities became wider: at this year, at first, we decided to announce an acceptance of applications for participation at the next BTK-Fest – 2019 and 2020. (Preliminary dates: 1 – 9 November).

There will be many surprises for you!

How to apply:
1. Fill the form in the link

2. Send another letter on e-mail

- technical rider

- financial conditions

- announce and program

Applications are accepted until February 5, 2019.

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